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Acid Draining System / Acid Neutralization System

Acid Neutralization System

Batteries which are obtained with acid are to be made dry drained before taking into further processing of Battery Cutting/Smelting. This is essential due to the presence of dilute acid in a scrap Lead Acid Battery.

The batteries are obtained from various sources & stored at the factory premises from where they are taken to the acid collection & drainage area. The acid from these dead batteries are taken out using Acid Draining Machine.

It is a Slit cutting type Acid draining machine of capacity 2.5 MT/hr. Two motorized metal cutting steel wheels, cut the slits at the bottom of batteries, which are moving forward by multi Belt Conveyor with geared motor. The drained acid gets collected in acid collection tray at the bottom of machine. A protection cover and hood is provided to protect acid splashing.

Acid Drainage SystemSuction hoods installed above the Machine is connected to the suction blower and scrubber to collect acid fumes generated during the process while draining, which protect the ambient environment. These fumes are further removed in wet scrubber with water and acidic water thus formed is neutralized in the Acid neutralization section.

Acid neutralization system flow chart