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30 years of excellence

Gravita Group stands for engineering excellence.

We share a commitment to the highest standards of customer service, product performance and environmental management.


gravita location chartGravita is Lead Recycling Plants Consultant, owned and managed by a forward-looking team of professionals, with an experience in Battery Processing & Lead Recycling Technology of more than 18 years.

Gravita India Ltd, the flagship company of the Gravita Group, has congealed the pace for changing global customer demands for Lead Battery Products. All our business processes are targeted at maintaining the highest level of environmental integrity and cost competitiveness. We believe that eco-friendly business practices as the preservation and protection of our natural resources with efficient operations.

Gravita achieved a dominant role in the Indian as well as Global Lead arena with leaving no stone unturned in substantiating its exclusivity in this metal recycling trade.

The Gravita Group was set up with the pioneering effort by the professionals in 1992. The Company achieved the best of Battery Scrap Recycling and Gravita became a true Indian multinational. Gravita strategically stepped in where demand was high and quality required was superlative.

We are offering Semi-automatic & PLC based fully automated Lead Recycling/Smelting plants.

What we Offer: