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Technical Consultant

Our goal is to provide our clients with modular and flexible choices of service packages to match their financial parameters and project cash flows rather than simply selling equipment, designs or metalwork. Our customers can choose from the entire range of services in our areas of expertise and have a package tailored for them with the satisfaction of obtaining proven and effective solutions to their needs.

Gravita helps new entrepreneurs and existing recyclers to provide solutions in establishing turnkey projects for Lead Recycling and also solve their production and process issues respectively with the help of their 20 years experience.

New Entrepreneurs:

  • Feasibility Study: We carry out the feasibility study to evaluate the capacity of Plant.
  • To freeze the requirement and capacity of different Plant and Equipments.
  • Plant Layout & Customize Engineering / design of the Plant
  • Helping to make a Project Report for Financial Institutions
  • Provide Technical know-how for establishment and efficient operation of the plant.
  • Future business aspects in Lead Purchase & Trade.
  • Support in documentation for obtaining Environment Clearance for the plant.

Existing Recyclers

  • To provide solutions for inadequate lead recovery
  • To solve the existing problems related to production and pollution control equipments
  • Refurbish the plant with modern plant equipments compliant to latest pollution control norms.
  • To assess the current condition of the plant and suggest the required modifications.
  • Supply spares and consumables for the recycling plants
  • To provide technology for lead refining / Special lead alloys.

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