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Non Ferrous Recycling / Non Ferrous Metal Smelting

Non-ferrous metals regularly occur in Smelting process by-products either in the residues of industrial treatment processes or in a variety of complex metal combinations. The Smelter treat each of these elements as quite separate materials, employing skill and technical resources to identify the individual metals and to convert them into a usable form for consuming industries.

Most of the world's requirements of copper are met by Recycling only which shows how important is this Secondary Metal World. It helps in conserving resources and in reducing our dependency on limited reserves of metals in the Earth's crust. Furthermore, far less energy is used in recycling non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, Lead etc. than in mining them from the ground.

The Company Gravita being a leader in Lead Metal recycling is continuing its flagship in serving people for Eco-friendly Lead Recycling worldwide. Thus Non Ferrous Metal Smelting or the Non Ferrous Recycling has to be done in Environment Friendly manner.